Quote Management

Create quotes quickly and easily for your customers:

  • Create quotes in seconds.
  • Quote documents automatically generated.
  • See how much profit you will make.
  • Create your own text templates.
  • Email quotes directly to your customers.
  • View when a customer has opened a quote.
  • Customers can accept quotes with one click.
  • Turn quotes into jobs and/or invoices.
Quote template

What our customers have been saying about our software

We can now get quotes and invoices to our customers so much quicker and with the ability to see if the customer has viewed them it means we can follow them up easier.

Guy Shayler

Business Owner - Whitehouse Windows Ltd

Our engineers love using the My Jobs App rather than having to fill out paperwork whilst on-site and our customers can get their job sheets as soon as the work is complete.

Alex Nicholl

Managing Director - AN Compressors Ltd

Very impressed, does exactly what I want.

Joe Kleiren

Director - Professional Heating Services Ltd

WebFletch Business Manager overall rating

based on 6 reviews from TrustPilot

What type of businesses use our software?

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18 Oct 2019 @ 20:47
New features just released, you can now edit custom job fields in the My Jobs App. We have already created a "dark mode" and "dyslexic mode" which can be enabled from the "Settings" page within the app. #jobsheetsoftware #jobmanagement #software
23 Sep 2019 @ 08:02
We've released a few new features which include being able to duplicate jobs and choose which fields get copied to the new job. You can also now choose to show all images to an engineer on a job rather than just the images they have added.
14 Sep 2019 @ 21:49
New updates for the My Jobs App include the ability to minimise checklists and choose which checklists should be minimised by default, also you can now add an image to a checklist.
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